Other Support

Post-Matriculation Advising & Planning

Thanks to a very generous donor, the GSP gained an invaluable new resource and team member in 2018 -- a post-maticulation adviser to help guide our 12th grade girls in applying to university or vocational training programs and to continue mentoring those who already graduated. With 7 GSP graduates now in Durban, our new Durban-based mentor Khosi Khumalo is ideally placed to assist these young women in meeting the challenges of this exciting but stressful phase of life, and to visit the senior girls in their community to guide them through the process of researching and pursuing post-matric opportunities. 

Math Tutoring

Thanks to an initial investment by the same generous donor and the continued support of our Mark Day community, the GSP has engaged a local tutor for the girls in grades 10-12  who struggle with math and need extra support. Our current tutor, Mr. Ndlazi, works with our senior girls several hours per week after school to help them progress to the levels needed for achieving matriculation exam scores that will give them a realistic prospect of admission to university or a technical college.

Opportunities with American sponsors

When the American sponsors of the GSP visit South Africa, they enjoy an extended visit with the scholars in the rural community, where they gather for meetings, refreshment, mentoring and bonding. The sponsors  also visit Johannesburg, where 2 of our graduates are currently in university, and Durban, where 7 of our graduates are currently studying or in training. These visits provide opportunities for addressing current needs or other issues and for fun socializing and relaxed dinners together.