Other Support


Post-Matriculation Planning & Mentoring

Thanks to a new phase of our deepening partnership with KYP,  the GSP is expanding our mentoring efforts in three ways. First, KYP is working more closely with the GSP graduates now in Durban, helping them meet the challenges of this exciting but stressful time of life. Second, KYP is sharing relevant parts of its Work Readiness program with high school and university students. Third, KYP is helping empower GSP university students to mentor the younger girls in their rural community by sharing life lessons they have learned and their advice on university applications and transition.


Laptops for University Students

Thanks to the continued support of our Mark Day community and the commitment of our KYP partner team,  the GSP is now providing each university student with a new laptop to ensure that she is equipped to keep up with academic demands and required communications and to gain critical computer skills needed in professional life.


Opportunities with American sponsors

When the American sponsors of the GSP visit South Africa, they enjoy an extended visit with the scholars in the rural community, where they gather for meetings, refreshment, mentoring and bonding. The sponsors  also visit Johannesburg, where 2 of our graduates are currently in university, and Durban, where 8. of our graduates are currently studying or in training. These visits provide opportunities for addressing current needs or other issues and for fun socializing and relaxed dinners together.