Program Benefits

Material Benefits

The GSP provides our scholars with a range of material benefits, including school uniforms, sturdy shoes for walking through the rough terrain to school, backpacks, dictionaries, calculators, personal hygiene supplies, and candles and matches for studying after dark in a community where most  homes have no electricity.  The older high school scholars are also given study guides for mathematics and prep for matriculation exams.


Throughout  the school year, our dedicated teacher mentors encourage the scholars and monitor their progress. They organize monthly meetings primarily on Saturdays, when all the scholars from both the primary school and high school can participate in a relaxed time of sharing and support. In addition, our Soweto-based KYP partner team, led by Thulani Madondo and Nelisiwe Walaza, provide committed mentoring support through regular visits with our 5-12th grade scholars and ongoing communications with our university students.


Since our first class of scholars reached 12th grade in 2014, we have been expanding our support for scholars preparing for and entering  the post-matriculation stage of their lives. This support includes assistance with university admissions, financial aid applications, registration, residence logistics, opening a bank account, and funding for university expenses not covered by financial aid. Since 2016, we've sought vocational opportunities for those unable to attend university. As two of our graduates start a hospitality services internship in 2018, we're committed to identifying additional apprenticeships and certification programs that can provide worthwhile paths for other graduates to pursue.